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Updated: Jan 19, 2022


Freedom Park. January 2022. Guam Greyhound Raceway Park announced today that it has changed its name to Freedom Park. The new name reflects the development theme for the new attractions that are set to launch on the property in 2022.

Guam Greyhound’s representative, Bart Jackson, said “It has been 13+ years since the last Greyhound race took place on the property and we believe it is time to finally close this chapter and start fresh in 2022. We are excited to introduce Freedom Park to the island of Guam.”

The company has partnered with the Pacific War Museum Foundation to develop a new attraction for local residents, visiting tourists and Military families to enjoy, just minutes away from Tumon, Guam’s tourism district. The master plan for the property has the site becoming the new home for the Pacific War Museum, in addition to other family friendly attractions.

Mela Gerber, President of the the Pacific War Museum Foundation, was quoted saying, “Our Mission is inspire people, young and old, to embrace lessons from the battles that took place in the Pacific theater and Guam; Stories of the 1,548 Marines, the countless Chamorros, and men and women of the military who sacrificed the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy today.”

Freedom Park will include activities for all ages to enjoy, including an interactive children's playground, a safe walking park, world class museum, food and beverage outlets and much more. There will also be several indoor/ outdoor plug and play event venues to accommodate events of all sizes.

For more information about Freedom Park, please contact

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